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How to Offer Childcare Benefits as an Employer

Employees find it challenging to arrange care for their children while working full-time, let alone search for the right full-time nursery or daycare. Forward thinking companies should consider providing childcare benefits to all employees.

More than 60% of women are dissatisfied with the childcare benefits their company offers. More than 45% never come back to work after childbirth because of the lack of childcare. Without a childcare benefit in place, companies are losing out on advancing women in the workplace as well as a whopping amount of revenue.

What are some things companies can consider?

  • Evaluate which childcare benefits will improve their workplace and fit their budget

  • Provide childcare benefits to all employees so that both men and women feel they can advance

  • Consider using tools that help make the search for childcare easier

  • Offer childcare savings accounts to all employees whether their business is large or small

Childcare benefits are integral to reducing worker turnover for businesses and maintaining a healthy work-life balance for mothers and fathers.

Easy, stress free, childcare benefits improve employee satisfaction and help employees succeed in the long-run. For women, childcare benefits prove that their company is committed to giving every employee a fair chance to advance.

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